Monday, June 30, 2014

Forward Reverse 3 Phase AC Motor Control Wiring Diagram

Forward Reverse Star delta Wiring Diagram

Main Circuit
1. MCB : Mini Circut Breaker
2. FC : Forward Contactor
3. RC : Reverse Contactor
4. SC : Star/Wye Contactor
5. DC : Delta Contactor

Control Circuit
1. FSB : Forward Start Button
2. MC : Main Contactor
3. S0 : Stop Button
4. FSB : Forward Start Button
5. RSB : Reverse Stop Button
6. A1, A2 : Contactor Coil

Engine production units that use induction motors are sometimes needed to be using an ac motor can rotate forward and backward so that it takes a tool that can set the direction of rotation of induction motors, the picture above is a picture of a circuit that works to set the direction of rotation of the motor induction 3 phase, be it in the position of star / wye or delta position.
at the present time the conventional regulator circuit above is still widely used by the industry, both small and large industrial industries. Specifically, its use is not very important, because the production machines had been developed in terms of the use and construction of the engine itself. But in principal is the same, namely the flipping reverse the direction of rotation of induction motors.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Three Phase Geared Motors 750 Rpm

AC Electric Motor
geared motor is a tool specifically designed for use on certain devices that require a low rotation speed, but has the strong torque, has a design that is tailored to the industry standard and allows for installation in a variety of positions and applications.
to align the rate of rotation, the motor is used according to the requirements, it is necessary for a motor that has a slow rotation speed.
Double layer winding, rotation speed 750 Rpm, 3 phase, rated frequency 50 Hz, no of pole 8, no of coil group 8, each group have 3 coil and all the coil in series connection, coil span 8, 72 slots.

Line in

Three Phase Star-Delta Wiring Diagram

Star Delta Wiring Diagram

Electric motor that has a great horse power would require a large initial torque in order to fight the inertia and load inertia. large torque means it will require a large current consumption as well.
The relationship of delta or star-delta or wye-delta is at the moment still quite popular as choices for applications requiring large current consumption, to avoid excessive energy consumption, the application circuit star delta using a large current while the motor is turned on early.

In operation, the main contactor K3 and K1 star contactor will be energized initially and then after some time the contactor will be de-energized star is replaced by a delta contactor K2. When active control contactors is regulated by a timer K1T that time can be arranged. Star and delta relations will be protected from potential active at the same time using the interlock on each contact.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Single Layer Winding Diagram 1500 Rpm In series and parallel

Three Phase Elektrim Induction Motor 1430 Rpm

Switching connection between the coils in each phase has a significant effect on the diameter of the wire used in the electrical motor rewinding, we sometimes encounter a situation where the diameter of the wire that we have not used in accordance with the specifications or the diameter of the wire that we need are not available , then by changing the existing connections in the stator coils, either from parallel connection turned into a series connection or series of connections turned into a parallel connection or a combination of both these connections, can be an alternative solution in rewinding electric motors.
Based on 'Elektrim Induction Motor' 
Rated Voltage 220V Δ/380 Y, Rated Output 7,5 Hp, Slots 36, Rated Freq 50 Hz, 1430 Rpm
Wire Diameter 0,85mm x 2, No of turns 57, Coil Span 7,9.
U1  : X1+X3

U2  : X2+X4
V1  : Z1+Z3

V2  : Z2+Z4

W1 : Y4+Y2
W2 : Y1+Y3

Single Layer Winding Diagram 1500 Rpm with 4 Group Coils in Series

 Elektrim AC Motor Single Layer Winding Diagram

Number of poles in an electric motor will affect the speed of rotation of the motor. the fewer the number of poles located on the electric motor rotational speed will be faster and vice versa, the more the number of motor poles it will be slow. 2 pole motor that has had an average speed of 3000 rpm, 4 pole 1500 rpm rotational speed, 6 poles 900 rpm rotational speed and the average speed of 8 polar rotation of 750 rpm.
Winding diagram above is of electric motor windings which are divided into 4 groups that surrounds the stator in single layer type windings, this means the motor average rotation speed is 1500 rpm, with a total of 36 slots, each group has a different number of coils, there are 2 groups which has 2 coils and 2 other groups only had one coil, all coils are connected in series.
Detailed diagram is shown by the figure below.

Based on " Elektrim AC Motor"


Rated Speed  : 1450 Rpm
Rated Output : 10 Hp
Rated Voltage : 415V Δ/600V Y
Slots : 36
No of Turns : 42,42,42
Coil Span : 7,9,7
Wire Diameter : 3 x 0,80mm

Monday, June 23, 2014

Double Layer Winding Diagram 1500 rpm in Series and Parallel

Double Layer Induction Motor Winding Diagram in Series and Parallel Connections

On this occasion we will describe the method to connect the motor coil using a combination of series and parallel, the diagram below looks a coil 3 phase induction motor with double layer winding having 4 poles with 36 slots, each phase has four groups that surrounds the stator coils, where each group has 3 coils.
the first phase coil (blue) X1 is connected in series with the coil X2, as well as that there is just opposite to the coil, the coil X3 and X4, we will connect in parallel coil X1, X2 with X3, X4 with the goal of producing 6 outputs, namely U1, U2 , V1, V2, W1 and W2

Connected Description
U1  : X1+X3
U2  : X2+X4

V1  : Z1+Z3
V2  : Z2+Z4

W1 : Y4+Y2
W2 : Y1+Y3

Based On " MEZ Induction Motor"
Phase  : 3
Rated Voltage  : 380V Δ / 600V Y
Rated Output   : 20 Hp
Rotation  : 1450 Rpm
Coil Span :  8 Slots
No of turns : 11
Wire Diameter : 0,80mm x 3

Double Layer Winding Diagram 1500 Rpm In Series

Three Phase AC Motor 1500 Rpm in Double Layer Winding  With 4 Coil Group in Series

There are many kinds of ways and types to perform rewinding electric motors and is very influential in the use of wire diameter and also on the relationship between the coils, either in series or parallel or a combination of both these connections type.

The image below shows a diagram of an electric motor in double layer windings which have a rotation speed 1500 rpm, has 4 poles and using a three-phase voltage can also be seen that each phase coil divided into 4 groups, where each group has 3 coils and all groups are connected in series.



Based on "Poland Induction Motor"
Phase      : 3
Voltage   : 380  / 600 Y
HP          : 5,5
Rotation : 1430 rpm
Freq        : 50 Hz
No of slots : 36
No of poles : 4
Wire Diameter : 1mm
No of turns : 48,48,48
Coil span    : 8,8,8

Friday, June 20, 2014

Honda Generator Set Condensor Regulation System Winding Diagram

Single Phase Honda Genset 

Choosing the size or power generator suitable for your needs is not difficult. Whether you choose a generator for work, you should have a general idea of ​​how much power you need from a generator.
Honda Genset is suitable for household and office equipment including computers, televisions, microwaves and other electronic equipment. better. Honda generator having an excellent performance and safe for your electronic equipment.


Phase : Single
AC Output Voltage: 220 v
AC Frequency : 50 Hz
AC Output : 2000VA
Rotation speed : 3000 rpm
No of Slots : 30
Requires Capacitor : 24 uf

AC Output
L1 : U1
L2 : U2

Capacitor Input
L1 : C1
L2 : C2

AC Coil ( Red Color)
Coil Span : 6,8,10,12,14
No of Turns :  26,26,26,26,26,
Wire Diameter : 0,75mm x2

Capacitor Coil (Blue Color)
Coil Span : 12,14
No of Turns : 26,26
Wire Diameter : 0,85mm

Honda Generator Set AVR Regulation System Winding Diagram


Honda is one of the best generators in the world. Honda is always there to bring the latest generator technology, this is reflected in the performance and better durability, capable of operating in a long time, quieter operation and low exhaust emissions. honda generator is suitable for home and office. Provide stable power and fuel economy. Very useful when his electrical interference, and can be used for other purposes in places that are not affordable electricity network.

Rated AC Output    : 3500W
AC Output Voltage :  220V
AC Frequency         : 50 Hz
DC Output               : 12V,  8,3A
Rotation Speed        : 3000 rpm
No of Slots              : 30 Slots

Diagram Description

Red & Green : Main Coil/AC Output + AVR Input source 1
Blue   : Exciter Coil/AVR Input Source 2
Yelow : Charger Coil/DC Output

The main coil is composed of two parts, red and green, this is due to the need for the input source that will go into the AVR, AC voltage required for entry into the AVR is equal to 10 percent of the total amount of electricity generated voltage as a whole. The two coils are connected in series (U2+U3) so that the total number of coils will generate a voltage of 220 volts.

Output Line
L1   : U1 
L2   : U4 
Connect U2+U3 = AVR input1

AVR  Input 1
L1    : U4
L2    : U2+U3
AVR Input 2 (Blue coil)
L1    : E1
L2    : E2

DC Output : C1 & C2
Main Coil 
Red Coil                                                           GreenCoil                                                                       
No Of Turns : 18,18,18,18,18                          No of turns  : 2,2,2,2,2                                                    
Coil Span : 6,8,10,12,14                                  Coil Span : 6,8,10,12,14                                                  
Wire diameter :  0,65mm x 3                           Wire diameter : 0,65mm x 3

AVR Coil (Blue Coil)                                      DC Output(Yellow Coil)
No of turns  : 35,35                                           No of Turns : 10
Coil Span  : 13,15                                             Coil Span : 13                  
Wire Diameter : 0,70mm                                  Wire Diameter : 0,85mm

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Dual Voltage Electric Pumps Winding Diagram


in industrial world, electric water pump is an important equipment and it is very vital to support the p production process,  therefore, the water pump will be very easy to be found, not only in the industry but also in almost every house because water is a basic requirement for human life.
electric water pump is a combination of an electric motors with a mechanical pump. on this occasion I will present a winding diagram of electric water pump with dual voltage. an electric pump have 3000 rpm rotation speed with many type and kind.

Blue  : Main coil
Red   : Starting coil

Phase : Single
Volt    : 110/220
Freq   : 50 hz
Requires cap : 30 uf
High voltage (220V)
Input Line
L1    : U1+S1
L2    : U4
Capacitor Input
C1    : S2
C2    : U4
Connect U3 + U4 

Low voltage (110V)
Input Line
L1    : U1+U3+S1
L2    : U2+U4
Capacitor Input
C1    : S2
C2    : U2=U4 

Main Coil
Coil span : 5,7,9,11
No of turns : 40,40,40,40
Wire diameter : 0,90mm

Starting Coil
Coil span : 9,11
No of turns : 70,70
Wire diameter : 0,60mm

Briggs & Stratton GenSets Winding Diagram

Single Phase Generator Set 2,2 Kva

Briggs & Stratton generators have excellent quality, with noise levels are relatively low, good durability, and operation is very easy, on the other Briggs & Stratton Generator products are lighter weight, have a contemporary design, renowned reputation. The Briggs & Stratton is capable of running most homes in an emergency situation
This portable generator will pack Ensure trouble free holidaying, camping, caravanning, boating and 4WDriving when you need it.


Output Voltage : 115 / 220 V
Rated output     : 2,2 KW
Phase                : Single

Rated Freq        : 50 Hz
Rotation            : 3000 rpm

High Voltage (220 V)
Output Line
L1  :  U1
L2  :  U4
Connect : U2+U3
Capacitor Input  : C1 & C2

Low Voltage (110 V)
Output Line
L1  :  U1+U3
L2  :  U2+U4
Capacitor Input C1 & C2

Coil Span : 5,7,9,11 slots
No of turns : 45,45,45,45
No of Slots : 24 Slots

Wire Diameter :
Main Coil  : 0,80mm x 2
Capacitor coil : 0,70mm

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Double Layer Winding 900 rpm

AC motor with slow rotation are custom and designed and made for special order by customers for specific application, the motors flexibility design are made for high operating efficiencies, use high grade electric-magnetic steel lamination and have excellent corrosion resistance.motors are widely used in multitude industries such as mining, chemical and petrochemical industries, steel industries, pulp and paper etc.

According to the diagram inside, that the winding have six pole, that mean the rotation speed is 900 rpm, each phase divided to six group and every group have two coils, all the coils are in series connection.

Based on westinghouse three phase induction motor, double layer winding, 36 slots, 6 pole, coil span 5,no of turns 16
Wire diameter : 0,95 mm x 2

Volt             :  380 Y
Phase          :  3
Frequency   : 50 hz
Speed          : 900 rpm
Output         : 7,5 hp

Power line input

Volt             :  380 Y
Phase          : 3
Frequency   : 50 hz
Speed          : 900 rpm
Output         : 7,5 hp

Monday, June 9, 2014

Three Phase Winding Diagram 1500 rpm in series


No modern industry should be without one or maybe dozen that used an induction motor. the design allows for easy maintenance, use special cast iron body. for the speed 1500 rpm typical applications include water pumps, air compressors or for transporters, easy to installing, dust proof, water proof, flame proof, have low noise and high safety very safe to use.

Diagram below will give you a new experience for those who want to learn how to rewinding induction motors in accordance with the following specifications.

Motors description
Based on ROTOR electric motors
Volt  : 380 Δ/ 600 Y
Phase :  3
Rated freq : 50 hz
Rated speed : 1430 rpm
Rated output : 10 hp

All the coils are in series connection and divided two groups, each groups have three coils, the inner coils span is 7,9 and 11, all of them have same number of turns. 
no of slots  :  36
no of pole   :  4

no of turns    :  40
wire diameter :  0,90mm x 2
rotor length( squirrel cage) : 13 cm
rotor diameter : 13,5 cm
Power Line Input

Three Phase Winding Diagram 3000 rpm


 Three phase electric motor with 2850 rpm widely used in pumps, blowers, compressors, conveyors or transporters, agricultural machines, food processing machines and many others,totally enclosed structure, dust proof, flame proof, water proof, oil resistance, rated power output 4 horsepower with independent forced cooled fan and maintain free

Based on SIEMENS induction motor 
power supply source voltage   : 220/380      Δ/Y                      
phase : 3                                                 
freq    : 50 Hz

rated output   : 3 kw
rated speed    : 2850

the diagram of winding electrical motors with 3000 rpm in single layer winding, each phase have two groups, for every groups have two coils, all the coils are in series.

no of pole  :  2           
no of slot   :  24
coil span    :  9,11
no of coil turns  : 36,36

wire diameter : 0,75 mm x 2
squirrel cage diameter : 7 cm
squirrel cage length : 10,5 cm

220 (Δ)                                                  
L1  :  U1+W2                                       
L2  :  V1+U2                                       
L3  :  W1+V2                                        
380 (Y)
N   : U2+V2+W2
L1 :  U1
L2 :  V1
L3 :  W1

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Single Phase Winding Diagram 3000 rpm

Ingersoll Rand Motor Compressor Winding Diagram

winding diagram, will facilitate the process of learning and observing what steps need to be taken into consideration and what needs to be done when doing induction motor rewinding, from the picture below that we know the speed of rotation, the number of poles, number of slots, coil span, in series or parallel conections, how to determine the direction of motor rotation clockwise or counter clockwise direction.

Single layer winding
phase : single
volt : 220
rpm : 2800
hp : 3
number of pole : 2
no of slots : 24

The main coils(blue) have 4 coils in each groups and divided into two groups, between the goups are in series.
L1 : Line in 1
L2 : Line in 2 + capacitor
V2 : Capacitor 
Require Capacitor : 80 uf

Number of turns main coil : 16,18,22,22
Wire diameter : 0.80mm x 3
Number of turns starting coil : 42,42
Wire diameter : 0.75mm x 2
Blue :  main coil  = u1 & u2
Red  : starting coil = v1 & v2